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Mock Advertisement Campaign
Student Work | 2019

This class project focused on developing assets for the Adair County Fire Department. This included educational resources, such as an informational booklets, pamphlets, and packets. It also included plans to fundraise, a dinner banquet with invitations, menus, and thank you notes. I developed plans for an updated website, with mobile versions as well. All the photography and design elements included were developed by myself. This project consisted of approximately 36 hours of work, and culminated in a showcase at Truman State University.

booklet fire sense4.jpg
Computer Mockup.jpg

Part of the campaign I created included a fundraising banquet. This included wood cut invitations and menus, with scorch marks caused from the laser cutting. I felt the wood invitations and menu gave a sense of elegance, while maintaining the down to earth and toughened nature that accompanies the fire department.


I also created informational booklets on fire prevention and safety. This thirty-page booklet, which you can see the spreads of below, included a lot of information and was a good exercise in text and photo layout.
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