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Product Design + Social Media Design + Web Development & Vendor Assets
Cannonball | 2023

Essential Message & Background:
BioAdvanced is a lawn care company that specializes in fertilizer, weed and insect control, preventative measures, and more. The nature of the product requires very specific language from a legal standpoint, and can be a design challenge to fit the needed language on product labels. We are also in the process of redesigning product labels, to better to support our brand positioning as "The Blue Bottle." This presents another challenge, as current products have brand recognition and the client wants to maintain that, while still updating the look.

The Ask:
I develop BioAdvanced branding across a variety of platforms, including social media, email blasts, product and in-store branding, online product pages, how-to videos, and commercial spots.

The Executions:
From products on the shelves to informational content on online product pages to the Facebook feed, the BioAdvanced branding is built on the Blue Bottle. Designs use a range of blues, and a variety of thick, thin, wide, and condensed fonts.

Creative Team:
Emily Molle
t, Art Director
Doug Outman, Copywriter

Jean Farrell, Production

Some examples of supportive A+ and B+ product elements that live on Home Depot, Lowe's and Amazon product pages.

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