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Outlaw Snax photoshoot behind-the-scenes

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Product & in-store branding; social media asset development; photoshoot direction
Cannonball | 2021-2023

Essential Message & Background:
Outlaw Snax is a developing chip brand, differentiating itself with its powerful flavors and quality chip strength. The client wants to speak to a younger demographic with its visual branding, with a strong adventurous tone a la Guardians of the Galaxy. 

The Ask:
Develop a social media presence, in-store branding and display, and direct a product photoshoot showcasing different usage cases

Product Branding:
To create a brand that looks, sounds and tastes like nothing else in the market (or the galaxy), bolder is better. Enter: the black bag. Outlaw Snax stands out on the shelf thanks to the use of the black bag and characters. In-store displays, such as pallet and cardboard shelf formats, also take advantage of the striking black color, and the unique character illustrations to draw customers in.

Social Media:
The social media presence is a combination of product post, witty customer engagement posts, and character-personality posts. This gives Outlaw Snax a bold persona within the chip market, and stands out in the feed. Check out the Instagram feed here.

Photoshoot Direction:
Looking at the production timeline alone, you'd think we went from overlooking canyons in the morning, to taking a snack break during a pick-up basketball game, and jumped on a kayak that afternoon. Due to budgetary restraints, we decided on a unique form of shoot that took advantage of digital screens and foreground models. From developing a variety of scenes to showcase the chips, to partnering with Bruton Stroube for production, to scrolling through hand model portfolios and sourcing stock photography
, the direction of this shoot was a lot of fun and allowed us to show how our chips are delicious in any scenario.

Creative Team:
Emily Mollet, Art Director
Caroline Apel, Copywriter

Jean Farrell, Production
Matt Collins, Creative Director

Travis Ulmer, Creative Director

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Outlaw Adventure Gif.gif

Adventuring with Outlaw Snax

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