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Web Presence Development
Digital Marketing Associate | 2020-2021

RM COCO is a to-the-trade textile company, meaning we are a B2B company that specializes in selling upholstery & drapery fabric to interior designers, workrooms, and commercial developments. My position's goal was to increase and enhance the company's web presence, which I did through the development, design, and launch of a new website, promoting new product launches by designing and sending series of email campaigns, and increasing product photography, both of the fabric itself and through photoshopping lifestyle images of the fabric in use.


The website redesign focused on enhancing the customer experience and presenting our company as the nationally ranked textile company that we are. Therefore, we went with a clean and modern look that presents more as an e-commerce site than previously. We also wanted to connect with our customers more, so we developed a blog and inspiration pages, to promote that we go beyond simply selling you fabric, but can help inspire you as well! Beyond the redesign, our team also fixed performance issues and work flows within the site.

The changes in product photography focused on providing customers with a better understanding of the look, texture, and use of the fabric. Previously, only a flat, straight on image was provided. Now, I shoot new fabric in a range of styles, to show how the fabric will lay, its raised texture, and shine.

I designed a variety of email campaigns to promote products such as new fabrics, hardware, workroom services, and more. These emails were image-heavy and promotional, and were used to inform and inspire customers about our products and services.

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An example of a product launch email, which is one facet of our new product launch procedure.

A brief video walk-through of original website, which I was hired to help replace. 

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