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Hermann Center for Child and Family Development One Sheeter - October 3 Updates.jpg
Hermann Center for Child and Family Development One Sheeter - October 3 Updates2.jpg

An example of additional one-sheeter pamphlets to supplement folder information

Children's Logo - NEW-02.png


Branding of 10 year-long Capital Campaign + Asset Development and Web Design
Cannonball | 2022-2023

Essential Message & Background:
St. Louis Children's Hospital Foundation is beginning a ten-year-long capital campaign, and we built the campaign from the ground up.

The Ask:
Develop the name and campaign branding, including print and web assets

The Creative Look:
This look is unique to the Foundation Campaign, but was born from the current St. Louis Children's Hospital ONLY campaign
, which I also worked on in a supportive capacity. I wanted this campaign to live within the current hospital look, but also have the ability to live beyond it. The blue photo treatment was inspired by the ONLY look, and the pillar colors are pulled from the ONLY logo type treatment. However, with different fonts and style executions, as well as the more prominent display of colors, the Together We Will look is it's own brand. The name was born from the campaign board desire for a name that unified and empowered donors to reach our goal, together.


The Brochure Folder + One-Sheeters:

The brochure folder is a dual-purpose print piece, giving the overview of the capital campaign, the three pillars that the campaign is looking to support, and the overall goals, while also have a pocket folder in the back to hold up to 36 individual 'one-sheeters' that go into specific detail of the programs the campaign will support. This folder+sheets package is the definition of a committee-led project, and really reinforced my ability to prioritize, organize, and communicate with multiple clients and their edits.

The Website:
In essence, the website is the folder and one-sheeters in a digital format. I mocked up every page, and worked with an outside developer to bring the website to life. 

Creative Team:
Emily Molle
t, Art Director
Grace Hunt, Copywriter

Jean Farrell, Production

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