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An initial sketch of what elements I wanted in each letter

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RFP Concepting
Cannonball | 2023

Essential Message & Background:
The St. Louis Science Center came to Cannonball with a request for a new campaign to promote attendance in connection with their revamped displays. 

The Ask:
As part of the RFP process, we sat together and talked about what the Science Center really is, beyond a collection of interactive displays. We go there to ask questions, to be enthralled by the experiences and experiments, to feel the wonder and awe of scientific discovery. We wanted to embrace the feeling of wonder and combine it with the childhood question of Why? Why? But why? Because no matter your age, there's always a feeling of wonder when you discover why something is as it is. We built this campaign in response to their request to engage new visitors of all ages, with children as the focus.

The Creative Look:
This look was to give the client an idea of one type of execution this idea could take. Each letter has a different visual representation of the types of sciences you can explore at the Science Center, from construction to chemistry to astronomy to archeology. This concept blends unexpected and engaging elements of playful, physical, and emotional discovery to pay off the narrative. There is an intentional visual and verbal balance of the “wonder” and

the “why” with a graphic treatment that is an immersive physical representation of what it’s like to get a peek into science, and experience the Science Center.

Creative Team:
Emily Molle
t, Art Director
Amy Venturella, Copywriter

Screenshot 2023-11-16 at 7.57.55 PM.png

A few examples presented to the client as alternative forms this idea could take

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