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The Bike Coop

Brand, Web Presence, & Advertising
Freelance | 2020

This project focuses on creating a recognizable brand for the Bike Co-op in Kirksville, MO, by developing an established logo and subsequent variations, a defined color scheme and feeling that is cohesive with the physical company building, and creating an online presence via social media and a website. Individual elements of this project include: logos, posters, social media posts, web design, and aspects of connecting the physical building with the brand, with new building signage and identifying markers.

Due to the nature of the company, that being of a non-profit that centers around the fixing of bikes and the educating of their riders, I felt the design should be that of bright colors and whimsical, yet “cool” patterns. I also wanted to incorporate their original logo, specifically the element of the bike tires making up the two o’s in coop, to maintain some consistency as well as incorporate their original concept into the new design. 

Download the Project Brief Here (1).gif

This design prompt is what originally gave me the idea to create assets for The Bike Coop. 

This was my first sketch of a logo, when I was considering renaming the business.

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