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Casino Relocation + Reopening Branding
Cannonball | 2023

Essential Message & Background:
Treasure Chest Casino is moving, from its current space on a riverboat into a brand-new facility ON DRY LAND! They were looking for a design to convey that all the best things from the boat will be in the new building, plus some new exciting things as well.

The Ask:
The client was looking for 3 phases of this campaign, a Teaser phase, a Now Open phase, and an Operating phase. Assets would include duratran boards in both the boat and the new building, outdoor boards, and :30 and :15 second spots.

The Executions:
This concept takes a dual photography approach, with a more macro shot combined with a situational shot. It follows the pattern of "Your Treasure, Our Pleasure." It showcases what you, the consumer, loves, and how we, the casino, are here to serve you. The commercial executions are still in production, and will be filmed early 2024

Creative Team:
Emily Molle
t, Art Director
Doug Outman, Copywr

Jean Farrell, Production
Tony McCue, Creative Director

Indoor Duratran.jpg
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