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Casino Relocation + Reopening Branding
Cannonball | 2023

Essential Message & Background:
Treasure Chest Casino is moving, from its current space on a riverboat into a brand-new facility ON DRY LAND! They were looking for a design to convey that all the best things from the boat will be in the new building, plus some new exciting things as well.

The Ask:
The client was looking for 3 phases of this campaign, a Teaser phase, a Now Open phase, and an Operating phase. Assets would include duratran boards in both the boat and the new building, outdoor boards, and :30 and :15 second spots.

The Executions:
This concept takes a dual photography approach, with a more macro shot combined with a situational shot. It follows the pattern of "Your Treasure, Our Pleasure." It showcases what you, the consumer, loves, and how we, the casino, are here to serve you. 

Creative Team:
Emily Molle
t, Art Director
Doug Outman, Copywr

Jean Farrell, Production
Tony McCue, Creative Director

Indoor Duratran.jpg
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